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Join a dynamic, 85+ year old chemical company based in Atlanta, GA, that's one of the fastest growing, privately owned, specialty chemical maintenance producers in the U.S.A.

Proven Solutions to Maintenance Problems

Throughout the years, HILL has developed unique and advanced formulations of products to help people do their jobs more efficiently. We are a manufacturer of products that help improve maintenance and production in all types of industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

Our most successful products include: Hilco Lube #5035, Ban-o #1323, Signal Deodorant Dispenser #8059, Super Con XL #5030, Lookin' Good #5044, Wax Buster #5331, Hillcrest #3615, Strong Arm #2482, Hilco-X Weed Killer #1117, C.I.A. Degreaser #2942, and Star Glo Floor Finish #10596.

PRODUCTS: sewage treatment, wastewater, sewer line, blockage, landfill, lift station, drain, rust, grease, AC, HVAC, AC/HVAC, hand cleaner, hand sanitizer, gloves, soap, soap dispenser, dust mop, floor stripper, floor finish, floor cleaner, floor buffer, floor scubber, broom, shop towel, brush, enzyme, sewer solvent, degreaser, cleaner, industrial deodorant, lubricant, coating